Company Synopsis




Lenticular Research Group, LLC (“LRG”) is a privately funded Chicago-based Company that is developing a proprietary transformative technology for treating Presbyopia at the onset of symptoms (i.e., the loss of ability to focus on close objects after the age of 40+), or stopping the further development of presbyopia in those people who already have symptoms of the condition. It is reasonable to expect, that if successful, this procedure will become the most performed procedure in the ophthalmic industry.

LRG has entered in to a Joint Venture agreement with a strategic partner to develop a Multi Photon Microscope(MPM) and Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscope (FLIO) and LRG’s innovative Presbyopic Treatment application to halt the advancement of presbyopia.

LRG has engaged in extensive pre-clinical research and will be pursuing animal model and clinical trials as well as first regulatory approvals in Europe. The company currently has five issued patents and six pending patent applications, covering its disruptive “anti-aging” approach for virtually everyone’s vision.

LRG’s approach is to alter the growth rate of the crystalline lens by femtosecond laser ablation of epithelial cells in the Germinative Zone of the lens to arrest the development of presbyopia, ideally in an early phase. The Company has collaborated with several strategic partners and a major university to create a state-of-the-art treatment System, utilizing Multi Photon Microscopy (MPM) imaging for performing the LRG treatment.

LRG has completed initial Guinea Pig and porcine cadaver lens studies to confirm Proof of Concept and is now developing a System for demonstrating safety and efficacy on live animals, and for human clinical trials. The trial efforts will be performed primarily in Europe, with the intention of commercializing in the EU within three years of funding.

LRG’s treatment concept was developed by George McArdle, OD, and advanced through collaborative work with professors Jerome Kuszak, Ph.D. and Rebecca Zoltoski, Ph.D., world renowned leaders in human lens research. LRG has also established an exceptional Medical Advisory Board (MAB), including key opinion leader Doctors Richard Lindstrom, Dan Durrie, Roger Steinert, Vance Thompson, Steve Schallhorn, William Trattler and Louis Probst.  The Company intends to create a European MAB to support its European activities.

LRG is in the process of completing a $600,000 raise consisting of convertible debentures in order to complete final product configuration, animal and first in man studies.