There are several current optical remedies for Presbyopia, which include reading glasses, bifocal glasses, contact lenses, and bifocal contact lenses. These work well, but are very limiting and often inconvenient and cumbersome. The surgical remedies include monovision refractive surgery procedures, conductive keratoplasty, corneal inlays, clear lens extraction and implantation of an accommodating lens and scleral expansion.  Monovision is currently the most popular, but creates optical compromises for many patients, and  none of these artificial treatments resolve all the symptoms associated with presbyopia.


We are currently aware of only one alternative treatment under development:

     1.ROWIAK (Hanover, Germany) cuts a specific pattern in the lens      allowing the lens to be more pliable and thereby improving focusing capability.

This concept is unproven and still in early clinical trials.  It is attempting to reverse Presbyopia rather than treat the cause of the condition.