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Treatment for Presbyopia

Lenticular Research Group, LLC (“LRG”) is a Chicago-based Company that is developing a proprietary laser technology for treating the primary cause of presbyopia. LRG has engaged in extensive pre-clinical research relative to the physiology of the human crystalline lens.  The Company‚Äôs treatment involves targeted in-office laser application to the Germinative zone of the crystalline lens, which selectively inhibits epithelial cell reproduction (alters the growth rate of the lens), arresting the progression of presbyopia as the symptoms first emerge. The treatment concept was developed by George McArdle, OD, and advanced through collaborative work with Jerome Kuszak, Ph. D. and Rebecca Zoloski, Ph. D., world-renowned experts on the Crystalline lens.

LRG has completed initial animal studies, and in 2015 entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with a large and well-respected ophthalmic company to combine their respective technologies to build a multiphoton laser real time imaging and treatment System to perform advanced animal and early first in human studies in 2018.  The Company currently has five granted and five pending patents.  LRG has also established an exceptional Medical Advisory Board, including Doctors Dan Durrie, Richard Lindstrom, Louis Probst, Steve Schallhorn, Roger Steinert, Vance Thompson and Bill Trattler.

The Company is currently completing a $600,000 raise consisting of convertible debentures to fund live animal studies planned for early 2018 and to provide an adequate reserve fund.   LRG is in the final stages of putting together all of the components to begin a live animal study in the first half of 2018.

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